Become a Food Rescue Hero

The Philly Food Rescue app is volunteer-facing. Our in-app donations already have a home, and they need a ride. Our app:

  • Alerts volunteers to available one-time or weekly rescues.
  • Allows users to claim local rescues.
  • Directs volunteers to designated donors pick-up and recipient drop-off locations.
  • Helps users log donation kinds and amounts for record keeping.
  • Allows direct communication with recipients and Philly Food Rescue dispatchers.

Other Ways To Be A Hero

If you would like to participate please contact us

Food Insecurity & Food Waste Education

Share our curriculum with high schools near you to start food rescue clubs at their schools

Events / Outreach

Throughout the year, Philly Food Rescue has events like vending events and volunteer/non-profit gatherings, as well as opportunities to do off-site volunteer outreach. Volunteers can assist in hands-on event support (setup and breakdown, greeting guests, loading materials, etc.), or encourage others to volunteer and get involved with our program.


As a growing program, we can always use assistance in our office, from updating spreadsheets to sending thank-you notes to your partners or making phone calls. If interested in a regular administrative volunteer opportunity, we can train you in a more specialized task and/or project.

Tell us how you would like to get involved.

Email us at spaul@sharefoodprogram.org

Or call us at 267-218-4800