Food DonorS

We work with both large and small distributors included, but not limited to, small stores, restaurant chains, caterers, farmers markets, etc.! We accept viable food donations no matter how big or small the donor or donation.

Our program provides...


We aim to claim food fast and make sure those in need receive it quickly, via our app.


Work with donors directly to tailor a solution that works!
Provide dispatch and support for all rescues to streamline the process.

Safe & Protected Transport

Volunteers, staff, and sites are trained in food safety.
Transit time is monitored.
Food donated in good faith to a nonprofit is protected by the Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act.

Philly Food Rescue tracks each pound to provide you a yearly receipt for TAX CREDITS.

We can help you reach your sustainability goals. Want help getting to zero waste?

Become A Food Donor

(For Immediate Assistance with food donations, call (267) 218-4800)”

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